Social Networking How-To: Voicethread

Voicethread is a fantastic tool for creating conversations and collaborations between students and educators. It allows people to post media artifacts - for example a document, a slide presentation, a video, or a collection of photos and invite people to add text or audio comments.

Voicethread can be used:
  • as part of an icebreaking activity to have the members of the course introduce themselves
  • to invite students to share comments or opinions on particular topics
  • as an environment to share documents and diagrams and record audio notes and comments easily
  • as a digital storytelling tool
  • as an asynchronous presentation tool.

During the Social Networking Course, we are using a Voicethread to gather comments from participants. You can access it in Topic 2: Background to Social Networking. Use the information below to learn how to use Voicethread and add your comments!

This guide includes the following information:
  • Step by Step Guide: Adding your comment to the SWSI Social Networking Voicethread
  • Video Tutorial: Introduction to Using Voicethread
  • Voicethread Examples - effective educational uses
  • Further Information and Guidelines on Using VoiceThread

Step by Step Guide: Adding your comment to the SWSI Social Networking Voicethread

Step 1: Register or Login to use Voicethread

To get started, you'll need to create a Voicethread account. This is a simple process and requires you to complete the signup form and verify your email address.

Step 2: Check out the SWSI Social Networking Voicethread

Our Voicethread includes information and discussion starters for participants in the Social Networking course. Slides have been created to invite you to comment on various aspects of social networking. You can access it via the Social Networking Course here (embedded) or directly via the Voicethread Site @ .

Step 3: Explore Slides and Comments

Explore each of the slides that have been included in the SWSI Social Networking Voicethread. Click on the user icons on both sides of the main slide screen to read or hear other users comments.

Step 4: Add Your Comments

You can add your comments to a Voicethread in several ways - text comments, audio Comments using a microphone or webcam, audio comments via telephone.

Adding a Text Comment

Adding an Audio Comment Using a Headset or Webcam

Adding an Audio Comment via Telephone

Step 5: Subscribe to the SWSI Social Networking Voicethread

To participate in the ongoing conversation, you can subscribe to a Voicethread by clicking on the Menu Button.

Video Tutorial: Introduction to Using VoiceThread

The following tutorial was sourced from Youtube and provides a good overview of how a facilitator can setup a Voicethread and use it invite other users to comment.

Voicethread Examples - Effective Educational Uses

The following Voicethreads provide some good examples of how it can be used for educational delivery.

Many Voices for Darfur

Using Voicethread to invite others to comment, reflect and share ideas about contemporary issues.

The Interview

Using Voicethread in an ESL Setting - allows students to practice vocabulary, pronunciation and conversation skills. Learning resources can be accessed asynchronously for self-paced learning and practice.

Who are you? Online Learning Icebreaker

Using Voicethread as a tool to introduce the course and online learning tools, as well as providing students from various locations an opportunity to get to know other class members.

Special Ed: Mice and Men Project

Provides students multiple ways to demonstrate their construction of meaning, and to examine and interpret various texts. Particularly useful for visual learners.

Further Information and Guidelines on Using VoiceThread

Check out the following links for additional guides and information on using for learning and teaching: