Welcome to the Social Networking Wiki!

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Blogs, wikis, video sharing and RSS! You've probably heard of these things.... but how can Social Networking Tools be used in learning and teaching?

This space has been developed to provide information about Social Networking Strategies and Tools and their use in learning and teaching. It is designed to support the SWSI Technology Capability Social Networking Course , but can also be used as a stand-alone resource for any staff who are interested in using social networking tools with their students.

You will learn how to identify and implement a range of social networking tools and strategies, which will enable you to:
  • enhance communication with students using tools which are relevent and easy to use
  • create opportunities for collaboration with and between students
  • create a learning environment which is more engaging and relevent to students.

What is the Social Networking Course and why are we doing it?

The Social Networking course is a hands-on learning program that provides an opportunity for you to explore social networking tools and the impact that they are having in learning and teaching today. It is designed to provide you with information, resources and connections to support you in exploring, experimenting with and implementing social networking and social media tools.
We encourage you to use the program to check out new tools and technologies and to think about ways that you can use them deliver innovative and engaging learning experiences for your students. It's about exploration, discovery and play!

How does it work?

The Social Networking program is self directed. As a participant, you are asked to use freely available online tools, (such as blogs, wikis, social-bookmarking tools, and photo and video sharing tools) to complete a number of activities. To facilitate in this process, the SWSI Social Networking Matrix has been developed. Each tool in the Matrix focuses on a specific type of social network (e.g. blogs, RSS, wikis) and each activity will give participants a chance to explore the tool and consider the ways in which it can be used in their teaching environment.

During the process, you will be asked to create a blog or wiki to record your learning journey. This is where you will record your activities and discuss your thoughts and reactions to the tools and technologies you choose to explore. Your posts should indicate your activities and progress as you work through the matrix of tools.

Getting started

This program is designed to be flexible, and provides various learning pathways for participants:

  1. If you would like to complete the whole program, simply login to the SWSI Social Networking Moodle Course and work through the activities that have been provided.
  2. If you would like to select some appropriate social networking tools and strategies for use with your students, simply explore the Social Networking Matrix and follow the links for further information, resources and suggestions.
  3. Do you need to know about a specific social networking tool? Check out the Social Networking Tools Index for quick links and resources to get you and your students started today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I know some of the Tools already?

You may have blogged before or contributed to a wiki or used Flickr. That’s fine. This program is about emerging technologies and pedagogy 2.0 and the blog postings give you a chance to reflect on how we may use the tools and to discuss this with other participants. Please also feel free to share your experiences in the Social Networking Forum (in Moodle) - your examples will help others to learn about and explore these tools too!

I’ve seen the list of Social network Tools in the SWSI Social Networking Matrix, but how do I know what to do with them?

The Social Networking Matrix provides a list of tools which may grow over time as new tools and strategies are recovered. Each Social Networking tool is listed with links to:
  • An overview which details the basic features and how it could be used in learning and teaching
  • A guide to using the tool which includes activities and examples.
  • Links to a forum topic where you can explore how other SWSI staff and students are using these tools and share your ideas and comments.

Social networking is not linear. Please feel free to select a tool and examine its benefits to your teaching. You are encouraged to be self directed, to explore and to share!

What if I need help ?

Check the guide for the tools you are exploring - they provide information and links to sites where you can find out more. You could also work with a colleague in your teaching section to figure it out together. Additionally, you can get in touch with the Innovation and Technology Enhanced Learning Unit .

Are there DET Guidelines for social media?

Yes, the social media policy and guidelines and the social media and technology site have been developed to help staff navigate through the world of social media and make the best use of it in their day to day work.
The social media site is a great resource including information on:
· Facebook for educators
· Twitter
· building safe spaces and communities
· managing your personal information.